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The best Advertising in Asia: Spikes Asia 2016 Winners

2016 Creative Effectiveness

#Sharetheload – Ariel – Grand Prix

This is a story of how Ariel, in the face of competition, created a new deeper relevance by turning its back on clothes stains, and focusing its attention on the cultural stain of gender inequality at home. For years the brand had led India’s premium detergent category with a focus on product performance and stain removal. But as key competitor Surf became more relevant and newsworthy to urban Indian women with its ‘Dirt is Good’ campaign, Ariel needed to respond to stay on top. We knew our communication needed to create a new deeper relevance to drive sales on the brand by driving a new contemporary conversation. But we also knew that aping the competition was unlikely to achieve this. So rather than taking the fight to Surf, we set about fighting a more pressing cultural issue. Share the Load wasn’t just a new idea for the brand, it was a social movement for the nation. One that tapped into forces of progress – hidden, yet seismic – that are demanding that Indian women be treated and respected as equal to men. And in doing so incited a far reaching national debate about gender inequality in the home. Our delivery was as progressive as our mind-set. Provocative content was complimented by unexplored media like packaging, matrimonial websites and even the forgotten wash care label on clothes. The result was that our movement more than delivered on objectives it sought. As 1.57 million men pledged to share the load, Ariel benefitted from USD 10 million in earned-media publicity. Thanks to the resulting increase in purchase intent, Ariel grew value and volume sales by 106% and 105% respectively.

2016 Design, 2016 Healthcare and 2016 Innovation

The touchable ink – Samsung – Grand Prix


Turn the normal laser printer to be braille-embossed printer and make the blind people be able to print braille documents by themselves and read at home with no limitation. To make this happen, Touchable Ink, the world-first printing ink invented exclusively for blind people is the game changer.

2016 Digital

The intelligent parking chair – Nissan – Grand Prix


We incorporated Nissan’s self-parking technology into an office chair. At the end of a meeting, with a simple clap of the hand, these office chairs automatically return to their original positions to ‘self-park.’ We installed this innovative technology into different office chairs in some companies. This was a great way to offer a first-hand demonstration of Nissan’s self-parking technology in a very familiar everyday life setting. The news of this office chair instantly spread across the globe.

2016 Digital Craft

Museum in the cloud – ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS – Grand Prix


Art is a mirror that reflects the culture of a country. For many travelers, visiting art museums can be the highlight of any trip. As host country for the 2020 Olympics, Japan is attracting more and more visitors. Yet only 16% enjoy art during their stay in Japan. But that’s changing now. IJC MUSEUM is a 3D virtual museum created “in the cloud” that is accessible anywhere in the world to allow “firsthand” art experience. Works by leading artists representing Japan’s contemporary art scene — such as Yayoi Kusama, Tabaimo, and Hisashi Tenmyouya — include large sculptures and dismantled installations no longer on display in the real world and difficult to reproduce.

2016 Direct

McWopper – Burger King – Grand Prix


Insights: 1) People are curious for new flavour combinations and willing to trample across brand conventions to experience them. 2) There’s no longer an inside / outside of a company – thanks to social media, corporations are now accountable for their actions. Creative idea: Burger King made a highly visible proposal to McDonald’s, inviting them to collaborate on a truly one-of-a-kind product: The McWhopper. The proposed mash-up burger would combine key ingredients from each restaurant’s signature product, The Big Mac and The Whopper, to be prepared and served on one day only, United Nations Peace Day, 21st September 2015.

2016 Film, 2016 Music



This advertisement chronicles the real-life story of Western Sydney University graduate, Deng Thiak Adut. From a child soldier in the Sudanese Civil war to becoming a leading member of the Sudanese community and refugee lawyer in the suburbs of Western Sydney, Deng Adut’s story is a phenomenal achievement of one man’s dedication to helping others less fortunate in the face of great adversity. The story is about unlocking human potential – triumph against the odds; winning when the mainstream says it’s impossible; victory that is sweeter because it’s tougher to achieve.

2016 Film Craft

High School Girl? – Grand Prix


A female teacher is standing alone in a long hallway of a school, the echo of ringing chimes telling us her lesson is about to start. Turning back slowly after giving us a single glance, she opens the door of the classroom, and we walk in together. In the room, there is a group of students, looking at us silently. They seem to be bored, feeling tired and paying little attention to what’ s going to happen. The girls look so natural, each tidily dressed in her uniform. Beautiful yet archly implying something. The one who is reading a book is aware of our approach; she turns her face gently to give us a smile. Then suddenly, we find that the book she is reading hints at the truth behind the entire space… “Did you notice that there was a boy in the room ?”

2016 Integrated, 2016 Outdoor, 2016 Promo & Activation

Brewtroleum – DB BREWERIES – Grand Prix


DB Export has always been a beer that had led the way in New Zealand – the creative platform that this work was operating under was ‘DB Export – Made By Doing’ which celebrates the pioneering history of both the beer and also its founder, Morton Coutts. Our idea was to turn drinking beer into a selfless act of environmental heroism. So we took the surplus yeast leftover after we finished brewing DB Export, and used it to create a biofuel called DB Export Brewtroleum. Brewtroleum emits 8% less carbon than traditional petroleum, so every time a man drinks DB Export, he’s helping to save the entire world.

2016 Media, 2016 Mobile,

Hungerithm – SNICKERS – Grand Prix


To modernize “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” and also make price something worth following outside the store, we created the Hungerithm. A hunger-algorithm that that monitored online mood and lowered SNICKERS® prices accordingly at every 7-Eleven in Australia. The angrier the Internet got, the cheaper SNICKERS® became, with prices dropping to as low as 82% off the normal price. The Hungerithm was built on a 3,000-word lexicon and analyzed over 14,000 social posts a day to determine sentiment. It even understood slang and sarcasm. Once mood was established, it was assigned to one of ten price points, ranging from $1.75 AUD (roughly $1.30 USD) when people were “PRETTY CHILL” to 50 cents AUD (roughly 30 cents USD) when they were “LOSING IT”. The Hungerithm ran live 24/7 (updating 144 times a day) at SNICKERS.com.au, where users simply clicked a button to generate a 7-Eleven barcode right on their phones.

2016 PR

Chamki – the girl from the future – LIFEBUOY HAND WASH – Grand Prix


For our message to cut across, we created a social experiment, with an expectant mother in a remote village in India. Our team spent weeks documenting her everyday (not revealing the real reason why we were covering her life) and making the film authentic and real. We asked her dreams and aspirations for her child to be. Would it be a girl or a boy? The name, her description of her child, physical features etc. We then found a child that matched her description and set up the mother-to-be for a big surprise where she received a special message from her ‘future child’ thanking her for the various good things she did for her, along with the life-saving habit of handwashing at key moments during the first 28 days of her life. This child’s emotional message and the mother’s reaction were showcased in an exceptionally powerful piece of film content.

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