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@Social Yaris

Nomad Shoot

How do we change the perception of the Yaris amongst our young target audience from being seen as the ‘basic’ Toyota to the coolest, ‘talk of the town’, with its all-new stylish look?


one that would connect with them emotionally and personally.  So we did exactly that – we got the Yaris to ‘talk’ with our prospects directly!  We introduced the @Social Yaris, a car with such a big and vibrant personality; it even demanded its own Twitter page!



We took the Yaris outside of the showroom and placed it into popular hang-outs of our target audience; universities and malls. By fitting hidden cameras and sensors around it, we got the Yaris to speak and tweet, bringing it to life and giving it a voice in the real world. When a person passed by or interacted with the Yaris, it spoke to them directly while capturing a photo of their jaw-dropping reaction in the process! This was then shared back through social media channels, thus spreading the conversation even further!


Project: @ Social Yaris
Client: ToyotaAgency: GMASCO
General Manager: E-Business Anish Pandit
Creative Director: Shaun Dean Thomas
Account Manager: Kate Hunton


Copywriter: Jayne Marar / Cherry Kosh
Account Director: Abdul Basit
Art Director: Jan Stoop

Designer: Rachael Raghuram
Digital Art Director: Chandan Nandrajog
Account Manager: Lyda Camargo
Account Executive: Niket Fernandez
Production Company: Jose Garcellano

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  • Date :

    Jul . 11 . 2015

  • Client :

    @Social Yaris

  • Employee endorsement
  • Toyota Upgrade Specialist
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