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creative director


LUX Brand Campaign

// The Brief

Lux the world’s most popular soap bar and a variety of opulent Body Washes, recently changed it’s brand purposed in the market to “Dare to express your beauty and beyond, unapologetically.” Our task was to find a way to express this sentiment locally in the Middle East.

// Solution

The idea “More than you can see” was conceived with the intention to empower women in the region and show that not only are they allowed to express outer beauty, but now can also be woman of substance. Local infuencer, Ascia was then chosen to convey this message, using #MoreThanYouCanSee on Social Media.

// Results

By reinforcing the message of #MoreThanYouCanSee, LUX has set itself apart from other brands in the Middle East and has become the brand of choice with Middle Eastern women.



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