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Takis chips

// The Brief

As part of the social team at Ogilvy I was challenged to engage customers during the month of Ramadan and encourage them to purchase KFC as part of their Ramadan eating habits.

// Solution

Research found that a lot of people were not breaking their fast with KFC but they were buying KFC later in the evening between breaking of the fast and Suhoor.

Based on this insight I looked at what types of activities consumers were engaging in that were different from their normal day to day. Consumers were engaging in a lot more gaming, TV watching and spending time with family. We therefore created daily posts for KFC social channels to signal the exact time it is “KFC o’clock” with engaging content.

// Results

The campaign was well received with higher than usual late-night orders and KFC visits. The campaign garnered over 20,000 likes, comments and interactions over the relevant Ramadan period.

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